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Joni has been with Monsak since September. She is doing an internship and studying at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede. Besides working with the computer, she also likes to sit behind the leather sewing machine!

Joni Lammersen
How did you end up at monsak?

For my third year at Fashion and Textile Technologies I was looking for an internship, we have a special facebook page for this. On this facebook page I came across monsak’s advertisement. I was very interested and started doing more research on the company and then decided to respond.

Why are you a member of the monsak family?

What I like about this internship is the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the company. Often at larger companies you get one task and that is all you learn. Here I learn about marketing, photoshop, PR activities, making bags, talking to customers and more. So you learn an awful lot.

What is your favorite monsak model and why?

I really like sleek cool bags and I also really like it when I can put everything in the bag, that’s why backpack sak 7 appeals to me the most. There is a lot of space in the bag, your laptop also fits in it. In the larger sak 7 there are some extra pockets on the outside that blend nicely into the design of the bag.

What does a perfect weekend look like to you?

My ideal weekend would mean that I can sleep in on a Saturday and then play a football game, at night with my friends or go out or watch a movie. Then watch football from my favorite club on Sunday and watch Formula 1 with my father.

What nice things do you do when you don't work at Monsak?

To get out of my head I play football, I also like to watch movies and series and listen to a lot of music.

Which skills would you like to develop and/or learn?

I would like to improve my skills in working with websites and social media pages, I have become more and more interested in that lately and it is super useful to know more about it in today’s world.

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