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Charlotte is our bag maker and is most of the time located behind a sewing machine, to stitch all of those beautiful monsak bags.​

How did you end up at monsak?​
It started with a dinner at a friends place, where I sat next to Margriet. Because I am a ceramist and a crafty person myself, Margriet and I share a lot of things in common. A couple of months later I saw Margriet was looking for people/seamstress and I wrote to Margriet. Since summer 2018 I have been part of the monsak team.
Why are you a part of the monsak family?​
Firstly, I am happy that I can work with my hands. To understand a material and what the possibilities and limitations are. Secondly, perform a fine craft and design is something that I think has become a rarity nowadays. At monsak I think we all understand this process and share the same mentality.
What is your favourite model and why?
Sak 7 Groot and Klein, because I am Danish and therefore I travel a lot to Denmark. The bag pack is spacious! Move over, it has some good pockets both for small stuff, and besides that there is also room for a laptop and cloths if going on a trip. Therefore, it is quite practical and on top of that I of course I love the design a lot! It looks so beautiful and I feel cool when I have it on/with me.
What does your ideal weekend look like?
As mentioned before I do ceramics, I have a little company at home with only one employer, me. I am working in the backyard in our shed. Here I do all my creations when I have the time. I also have a little son and a boyfriend who I want to give a lot of my attention too as well, so it would be a combination of ceramics and family time I would say. You can check my ceramics out if you are curious on instagram ck_ceramics, and of course follow me then you can see what I am up too.
What are the skills you would like to learn?
At monsak there is still a lot of things to learn. The leather as material is not the easiest material, just as clay it is very tricky. Becoming better and better at sewing is always a goal and next to that I learn a lot from Margriet. How to run your own business is very interesting to me and I am sure I can learn a lot.

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