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Made in Amsterdam

Our bag atelier is situated in a wonderfully quiet location, overlooking Rembrandtpark in Amsterdam-west. All bags are made in our atelier, by monsak employees, and with excellent work conditions. This we are 100% certain of.

In our atelier shop you can see our entire collection, and it is the place where we can make a customised or bespoke bag just for you or you could join one of our workshops, in which you will be able to put your creative skills, to good use. We love sharing our passion for our business and love explaining all that comes with it. You are always more than welcome to pay us a visit and have a chat with us. This way you can also see our current collection of leather bags and who knows, maybe you will find the bag of your dreams. And when you do, you will not only leave our atelier with a beautiful new bag but also with a good conscience.

Lifetime guarantee

If you buy a bag from Monsak, you know where it was made and where to go if it breaks. Nothing is more frustrating than your new darling bag that dies. Come by and we will repair your bag (usually free of charge).

Rescued leather

We, exclusively, work with rescued leather. These are hides that have been discarded due to strict regulations from large fashion labels. We rescue this leather, we cut around the damaged parts and welcome all the colors the fashion labels deemed unfit.

If we were to pay the normal price for leather, our bags would be twice as expensive. This is, luckily, not the case, which makes it a win-win situation.

Leather is one of the most sustainable materials because of its longevity and because it only gets more beautiful and supple with time. In comparison with, for example, a bag of artificial leather (polyurethane=a form of plastic) that will start to get worn out after just one year and which on top of that is non-biodegradable, because it is synthetic.

When you consciously chose a bag, which is to your liking, you also chose a bag that will last for years to come. Meaning a sustainable choice. With our customizing tool you get to design the bag of your dreams that will meet your wants and needs. We know for sure this bag will not be collecting dust in your closet.


A monsak bag is sustainable in more ways than one. Our products do not have to travel by ship or plane, leather lasts a long time, by saving hides we solely use the hides discarded by other labels. Because we are located in Amsterdam, we are able to react and interact quickly with our retailers in Amsterdam. We stock these retailers the Dutch way: by bike, which is environmental friendly and also good for our health.

The rescued leather is used as efficiently as possible. By being savvy whilst cutting our patterns we are able to minimise the waste of leather. Even the smallest parts are used to make small compartments or used to make the pullers of the zipper of our bags.

We are also interested in developments regarding sustainability within our profession: we visit lectures on this matter, we frequently visit universities, we welcome interns who we encourage to bring forward innovating ideas and we are open and willing to work on project-based collaborations. For example, we are currently educating ourselves with regards to pineapple leather, which is a vegan alternative.

Sustainable shipping and delivery

We ♥ sustainability. That is why we work together with the greenest delivery service in the Netherlands: Your monsak bag is not only made sustainable, it is also delivered sustainably! Read more about the proces here.


We are more than happy to tell you about how best to care for your sak. So it will stay beautiful for years to come. 


  • (rain) drops can cause discoloration, especially on lighter colored leather. Those can often be wiped off with a clean, damp cloth. It’s best to do this as soon as possible.
  • a sak is fairly water resistant, but I cannot guarantee your things will stay dry after heavy downpours. Our saks are not completely waterproof and or water resistant so make sure you spray your leather bag every couple of months with a leather protection spray.
  • wet leather needs to dry at room temperature. Don’t put your sak to dry on or near any heating system because it could shrink or harden the leather
  • the leather I use is not suitable to be maintained with leather oil or other types of grease or conditioners.
  • be careful and mindful with lighter colored leather and darker colored jeans or pants, they can transfer.

Infographic monsaks mission

Illustrator Rosanne van Miltenburg dedicates her efforts towards a more sustainable fashion industry.
She captured monsaks mission in these amazing infographics (in dutch).

Duurzaamheid missie werk proces tassen atelier Amsterdam monsak
Duurzaamheid missie werk proces tassen atelier Amsterdam monsak

Wat wil je zoeken?

Wat wil je zoeken?

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