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  • Paper pattern, made out of 3 parts (front size : 19 cm x 9 cm, back size per part 11 cm x 9 cm)
  • Needle

To make the eyemask at home you need the following tools. If you don’t have good tools at home: Order the DIY tool kit. In the instruction video I show you how to assemble it and use the tools.

  • (fabric)Sciccors
  • Cutting mat or bread board
  • Hole puncher for the bigger holes

If you prefer to see Margriet’s step-by-step instruction video and buy leather, order a DIY kit of this DIY project.

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Great that you feel like making something beautiful with your hands. Gather all your friends via Skype or have fun crafts with your children.

Do you have everything at home? You can take apart an old bag or use a sturdy fabric.

Would you rather work with leather? Order the DIY kit here.

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