DIY-projects: The way to get out of your head and be creative

Want to learn something new and make something useful? Get started with our DIY projects from your home, which can be made without a sewing machine and without experience!

Duration: 30 minutes


Duration: 45 minuten


Duration: 60 minutes


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Easy and a great result!

I am an avid DIYer, but it must be easy for me to do otherwise I will quit. I did it in less than half an hour and I already got so many compliments about it. And then I can proudly tell them: self-made, with monsak.

Marleen, Amersfoort
Beautiful product and sustainable..

Made the DIY pouch. Because I wanted to see the colors in real life, I went to the studio. You are immediately welcomed and able to choose a color that is not available online. Very flexible and customer-oriented! The workshop is very easy and you get a good result! And with “saved” leather also sustainable.

Pris, Amsterdam
A lot of fun!

I followed a webinar from Margriet van monsak and made a pouch myself. Made of real leather and without a sewing machine. The result is great! You immediately notice that Margriet loves her profession and knows how to convey that to her students. Fantastic initiative!

Femke, Amsterdam

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Great that you feel like making something beautiful with your hands. Gather all your friends via Skype or have fun crafts with your children.

Do you have everything at home? You can take apart an old bag or use a sturdy fabric.

Would you rather work with leather? Order the DIY kit here.

PS: If you don’t have a printer, we can print the pattern for you and send it to you.

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Wat wil je zoeken?

Wat wil je zoeken?

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