Laptopbags / workbags

Protecting your laptop is essential. Your laptop is a prized possession with important files, and needs to be protected. But it needs to be beautiful to look at too. That is why monsak has laptop bags for women and beautiful leather laptop sleeves to protect your laptop. Made of sustainable high quality leather.

All bigger monsak bags have a laptop compartment in the design so you can store your laptop safely. We have bags suitable as workbags and studybags. Do you prefer a backpack or a shopper style?

Ready to shop

We have an assortment of bags that we already made and are ready for you to shop. You can find them in the webshop or you can come by our atelier in Amsterdam.

Backpacks for work

We have two sizes backpacks. The sak 7 and the sak 7 small. Both are suitable for work due to their size. There is plenty of room for your laptop, books, notebooks, some pens, a water bottle and your lunch. There is even enough space to hit the grocery store on your way home. Check out all the sak 7’s above.

Shoppers as work bags

If you prefer a shopper style bag then you could choose between the sak 8 and the sak 10. Both good options, the sak 8 is more modern and the sak 10 more classic. The sak 8 has a front pocket and a back one on the outside of the bag. Then there is also the pocket on the inside which the sak 10 also has. So do you prefer organising in different pockets or do you prefer one big space to place all your things? Take a look at the designs and the colours available above.


Do you want to choose the leather for your bag yourself? Or maybe even make some adjustments to the monsak designs? Then you can use monsaks customize service. Have a look in the online customizer and explore your options.

13″ and 15″ laptopsleeves

A laptop is expensive and you probably use it often. Therefore it is important it is well protected. All large laptop bags have a separate compartment for a laptop but it is even better to have a sleeve to put the laptop in. The monsak laptop sleeves are made of sustainable high quality leather and it will protect your laptop so you do not have to worry about leaving your laptop in your bag and take it with you to work, school or travels. Your laptop with all its memories, workfiles and other important documents needs to be well protected. Aside from its functional feature, the monsak laptop sleeves are also beautiful. They are cool for men and women and made of sturdy black leather and have a professional look and feel. Because of the two compartments on the outer part of the sleeve you will be able to carry a notebook, pen and some small bits and bobs as well. Very convenient! The leather laptop sleeve comes in two sizes: a 13-inch and a 15-inch for men and women. Do not hesitate to order yourself one of our laptop sleeves, because your laptop deserves this high quality protection.