Leather shoulder bag

monsak crossbody shoulderbag designs

Looking for a shoulder bag? Look no further! monsak has got it covered with two crossover bags. The sak 9 is a double shoulder bag: a two-in-one bag. The sak 12 is a single crossover bag. Both have a minimalistic design and made of beautiful sustainable leather. The leather is of high quality, the design timeless and will be with you for decades without you getting bored with it.

Sak 9; 2 bags in 1

Sak 9 regular

The sak 9 has two sizes. The design is one of two bags stitched together, creating a third compartment in the middle. The larger size of the sak 9 is big enough to take with you on a city trip. It fits a bottle of water, a book and a large wallet. It even has a zipper compartment on the inside. The bag can be closed with a zipper on the top. The sturdy leather handles are adjustable.

Sak 9 small

The sak 9 small is a smaller version of the same design. The only other difference is that the compartment inside the bag doesn’t have zipper. This smaller version is great to take with you to a party or a festival. The bag is timeless, will be with you for decades and the leather only gets more beautiful over time.

The sak 12; multifunctional bag / clutch

The sak 12 is a multifunctional bag and can be carried in four different ways. As a (crossover) shoulder bag, as a clutch with or without the wristband and as a pouch. The wristband can also be used as a keychain holder. It is a convenient leather bag during the day and then turning it into a chic clutch for a night out. The larger sak 12 has three compartments on the inside. A large one for your phone and two other ones for your keys, wallets and mints.The sak 12 mini only has one compartment on the inside.

The sak 12 is perfect to carry all your essentials like your phone, wallet, keys and lipstick.

Take the clutch with you to a wedding, a gala, a work event, a festival or a bar. Tired of carrying the bag in your hand? Put the strap on and carry it as a crossover bag. The perfect minimalistic mini bag

monsak customizing & bespoke options

Did you know our whole collection is handmade in our atelier in Amsterdam? You can also personalize your bag in our online customize tool or we can make you a bespoke bag.