Leather shoulder bag

Monsak has two types of the crossover bag. The sak 9 is a double shoulder bag, making it a beautiful two-in-one-bag. The sak 12 is a crossover bag. Sak 9 comes in two sizes. The design is made of two bag stitched together, creating a third compartment in the middle of the bag. Sak 9 is big enough to accompany you on a city trip and can easily fit a bottle of water, a book and a big purse fit easily. It even has a zipper pocket, to hold your passport. The bag has a zipper on the top. The sturdy handles are adjustable and made of strong full grain leather. 

Did you know our whole collection is handmade in our atelier in Amsterdam? You can also personalize your bag in our online customize tool or we can make you a bespoke bag.