Leather backpacks

monsak has two backpack sizes, we call these bags the ‘sak 7’. One is a bit larger, has more compartments and has a sturdy and cool look and feel. The other, is a size smaller and has a more subtle look and feel. Both sizes have a laptop compartment and another large compartment, which fits a lot. The broad straps on both backpacks make it easy to carry a lot of weight and also be comfortable to carry. The style is minimalistic and this makes it suitable for work, but also for grocery shopping or to take with you on your travels.

The design

These leather backpacks are made with the Scandinavian style in mind: basic and less is more. This makes it a unique bag that is unisex. The bag also has two compartments on the sides of the bag. It also has a zipper pocket on the back and the front has a compartment that serves as a laptop cover. This compartment also has a zipper pocket for small bits and bobs. Because of the minimalistic design and the high quality leather, the look and feel of the bags are edgy, pure, urban and fancy. A practical and sturdy backpack, handmade in our studio/store in Amsterdam.

What to use this backpack for

Both backpacks are big enough to te used as a backpack for business, school, as a leisurely bag, for grocery shopping, an overnight bag for a weekend get-away or even as a carry-on bag during your travels. The backpack is made of sustainable leather for the environmentally conscious among us. The adjustable straps are made of full grain leather making the backpacks strong, sturdy and can easily fit up to 5 kg. You will be able to enjoy this bag for decades and it gets even more beautiful over time, which will give your bag an amazing vintage look.

Customize a backpack

Did you know it’s also possible to customize your bag? You can use the online customizer tool to customize a sak 7 or to customize a sak 7 small.

Bespokes bag

If you have a specific bag in mind, you can have it made by monsak. Make an appointment and tell us what your ideal bag looks like, pick the leather and the trimmings and we will make your design come to life. More info on the bespoke bag page.

Workshop make your own backpack

In the workshop maxi you can make a backpack yourself in just a day. More info on the workshop maxi page.

Shop sustainable, shop quality, shop locally, shop the sak 7.