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Leather laptop sleeve 13″

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Bum bag • Black leather

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All leather bags

Welcome to the monsak webshop. We make timeless leather bags in different sizes in our atelier in Amsterdam. All our bags have a minimalistic and practical design. We exclusively use sustainable leather and make our bags in our monsak atelier in Amsterdam. You can use our bags as an inspiration and customize one of these bags. Would you like to design your own bag? That is also possible! For more information go to our bespoke page.

Leather women’s bags locally produced out of rescued leather (sustainable leather)

Monsak is a leather bag label in Amsterdam and we make sustainable and practical handmade bags. We exclusively use rescued leather, which is sustainable leather because other labels have discarded them due to their extremely high standards. A reason to discard the leather could be because it has a small scratch on it or it isn’t the exact color the label wanted. The leather is high quality leather and we rescue it from being thrown away. Because we cut the leather in our atelier, we can cut around the small imperfections and even better: we can incorporate them on the inside of our bags, where it isn’t visible. We use the leather as efficiently as possible, to create as little waste as possible. The bags are made in our atelier in Amsterdam and because we craft the bags locally we are able to quickly react to the wants and needs of our clients. We also love sharing our craft with you: at monsak we offer workshops where you will make your own leather bag. We teach you to work with leather, how an industrial sewing machine works, and we guide you through the entire process while you make your own leather bag. Learn more about our workshops;workshop-mini (shoulder bag) and workshop-maxi (shopper).

Practical minimalistic leather bags

The most important thing about a bag is that it is practical. A bag can be a true masterpiece but if it’s not practical you will not wear it a lot. Which is a waste of the material, the craft and the money you’ve spent on it. That is why all our bags are designed, tested and developed to be as practical as possible. All monsak bags have a minimalistic style. And the leather is the star. Because of the Scandinavian design, our bags will suit every outfit and are perfect for every situation.

Check our collection in our online webshop. You can also personalize a bag to fit your wants and needs in our online customizer. And if you envision your dream bag, we can make it for you. Go to our bespoke page for more information.