Sarah is our current all-round atelier and will work with us for a while. She’ll be behind the computer as well as behind the sewing machine!

How did you end up at monsak?

Via Instagram I saw the ‘Monday vlog” that Margriet does every monday (very surprisingly). She asked for interns and I because I haven’t worked for a while this was my chance at a new start. I don’t work fulltime, but I really learn a lot (also about myself). Also I love bags and leather so it’s a good combination.

Why are you a member of the monsak family?

I really love handmade leather bags and I love to have the chance to work with Margriet and see how she manages all the work that’s part of being an entrepreneur. Also because she’s very open about it and I can help her with a lot of different aspects that are involved in the business.

What is your favorite monsak model and why?

I carry the sak 7, the backpack, on a daily basis. It fits almost everything I need on a workday, my laptop, lunch and personal stuff. I also really like that it has 2 separate pockets for an umbrella and waterbottle.

What does a perfect weekend look like to you?

Not setting my alarm, going places with my boyfriend, meeting with friends, cooking, a nice meal out. Nothing has to be done, enjoying the little things.

What for fun stuff do you do when you are not at monsak?

I love to cook, read, watch series (with my cat!) and being creative.

Which skills would you like to develop and/or learn?

I would love to learn how to make a leather bag with my own hands. I would also love the be able to sew my own clothes. My mom is very good at that so I’m trying to learn from her.

Wat wil je zoeken?

Wat wil je zoeken?

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