Lisette started her career at monsak stitching at the sewing machine, but soon started taking pictures of the bags .. in Margriet's attic. She now has her own mini photo studio in the studio.

How did you end up at monsak?

A friend of mine knew Margriet and knew that she was looking for people to make bags and then I started stitching a few hours a week. 4 years later I do photography 1 day a week and I actually never stitch anymore.

Why are you a member of the monsak family?
At a small company you feel more involved in the whole process and you can help out a lot with other aspects than just photography, at monsak you can. And I have always had a thing for leather and I like to be creative and that is possible here.
What is your favorite monsak model and why?

Sak 8, nice big shopper and with an extra pocket on the front which is very handy. And that’s why I find it visually more interesting than without anything on the front. As an extra Margriet has put short handles on it so that I can hang it on my handlebars, very handy.

What does a perfect weekend look like to you?

Have a nice lunch / coffee with friends, go to a flea market and score nice things there. And of course lie in bed for a long time.

Which skills would you like to develop and/or learn?

Mastering Indesign & Illustrator programs.

Wat wil je zoeken?

Wat wil je zoeken?

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