You could almost call Ilse Cats an old-timer within the monsak family. She joined early because she is still a young thing. Read here how she ended up with us.

How did you end up at monsak?

Through Margriet’s mother. I used to take sewing lessons from her and when I wanted to move to Amsterdam I heard of Margriet and monsak. So I had a job even before I had a place to stay in Amsterdam and even though I don’t live in Amsterdam anymore, I have never left monsak.

Why are you a member of the monsak family?

It is a place where I can always go back to. Margriet and I know and appreciate each other and this resulted in a close bond. I also share this bond with the other monsak “family members”. Monsak is like a warm bath, and it always feels like home.

What is your favorite model and why?

I carry the sak 7, the backpack, on a daily basis. It fits almost everything I need. Also, I always carry my fanny pack with me, which I use as a pouch and carry it over my shoulder or in my bag. When I lost it I was more upset that I lost it than the fact that I had to get a new passport. I will carry the memories of my bags with me throughout my life.

What does a perfect weekend look like to you?

Waking up with the sun in my bedroom, feeling fresh and energized to take on the day. I love doing yoga and like going to a coffee place towards the end of the morning to read a book or meet up with friends. Going to the museum or a movie (it goes without saying that the monsak bags are always part of my outfit) and that is how I like my weekends to be.

Which skills would you like to develop and/or learn?

Ooh, um, I would really like to learn how to do headstands and push-ups. It is ridiculous I still cannot do a normal push-up. That might not necessarily be a skill but I think it would make me really happy. On the other hand I would like to approach my daily life with the ‘just go for it’-mentality I have at monsak. That would take away a lot of the stress.