Corine started as an intern and grew to now be a Jack of all trades working (almost) full time at monsak.


How did you end up at monsak?

February 2017, I started my internship at monsak and I have stayed ever since. After the internship I started working there once day a week, which turned into 2 and later into 3 and now I work here 4 times a week.


Why are you a member of the monsak family?

I have been here for a couple of years and I feel like I have always been part of the monsak family. I know the team and the team knows me. We are good in the execution of our tasks and complement each other. Together we are the monsak family.



What is your favorite model and why?

I have a sak 7, a sak 12 and a fanny pack. The fanny pack is ideal for travelling and in it I carry the most important items and it allows me to have my hands free to take pictures. The backpack is for daily things such as my laptop, lunch, water, and umbrella: they all fit easily. On the way home I can go grocery shopping and the sak carries the groceries easily while I cycle home. I use the sak 12 as a bag-in-bag and carry several items in the one bigger bag, but I also carry a smaller bag in it for when I have a dinner or party.


What does a perfect Sunday look like to you?

It starts with waking up and being able to stay in bed for while, that in and of itself is wonderful. A cup of coffee in bed, maybe watching an episode of some series, maybe reading a book. Leaving the house, with my camera and I might get inspired along the way to take pictures. Having a cup of coffee in a local coffee place. Taking my time to cook dinner and enjoy doing it. Watching a movie, cozy on the sofa with popcorn, obviously. That, to me is a perfect Sunday.


Which skills would you like to develop and/or learn?

Learning how to be a more skilled photographer ranks at the top of the list. But I also want to learn how to Photoshop and use Illustrator better. I want to develop my green skills: keeping beautiful houseplants alive, cultivating my own herbs, fruits and vegetables. And I would like to start sewing again.