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Monsak embodies practical simplicity and a minimalistic design. All our bags are designed and created, by our founder Margriet Meijer, with the search for the perfect bag in mind. And that has a different meaning for everyone. Each bag makes way for a new story, but what they all have in common is the fact that you and your bag will become inseparable.

To us, the perfect bag makes all other bags unnecessary. A unique bag, made with care and love just for you, will be with you for years to come. Each item is part of our permanent collection and we exclusively work with rescued leather. Leather that has been discarded by high-end fashion labels due to their strict regulations. We rescue this leather and cut around the imperfections and welcome all the colors they discarded.

The bags are made in our monsak atelier in Amsterdam-West. This is also the place where we can cater to your wants and needs for a bespoke bag by your own design. All handmade by Margriet, or you could try your hand at making a bag during one of our workshops.

About Margriet...

Margriet was born with two right hands. Her father is handy and used to make all kinds of things and her mother owns a sewing school. With her never wavering curiosity she will always figure out how things work or how they are made. Whether it’s a garment, a rug or software. Whatever sparks her interest, she will be able to make it work.

Bags have always been a point of interest, ever since Margriet was little. A bag for every occasion, but none of them were perfect.

When her mother bought a sewing machine for leather, she couldn’t help but enthusiastically giving it a try. From that moment on, the product and the material fascinated her. She learned that her curiosity and discipline were assets when it came to business, and so she made a career out of her hobby.

 Overstock leather came into her life: a sustainable way to give discarded leather a second chance. And because she didn’t find a better alternative then the overstock leather, she decided to welcome it and build the unique concept of monsak.

 She learned at a young age that a bag is more than just a practical item: it is something to protect your valuable belongings, and the finishing touch to your style. To have a bag as an extension of you, will help you feel more secure. To Margriet, being able to make that for someone is a privilege. Her creations will give you a sense of security. A bag is faithfully awaiting you to conquer a new day together. 

I got your bag!

Do you want to borrow my experience to bring your dream product into the world? I am your woman!

I can coach you in your ongoing production process and help you put it on the market. I will guide you in the search for your ideal customer and how to reach them, but also with the structures that form the basis of your company / webshop.

Meet the team


Atelier manager

Workshop-Maxi supervisor

Workshop-Mini supervisor

Allround Intern

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Wat wil je zoeken?

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